Computational Reproducibility – Workshop in Cambridge, UK

“I did this yesterday and it worked!”

“I can’t remember which version of this software I used to make this figure”

“I can’t reproduce the analysis in this paper”

“Why did they do that?”

A common issue among computational biologists is in replicating and reproducing published studies. Why is that and why should we care about it? Where do the biggest challenges lie? What tools are available?

If you have any interest in computational reproducibility, please consider attending a one-day workshop on computational reproducibility, in Cambridge UK, on October 1.
This meeting is intended to be a very interactive day, with audience participation the order of the day.

The program includes a panel session on the goals of computational reproducibility, user reports of both software tools for reproducibility, and reports of attempts to reproduce published computational analyses. An open discussion on methods for encouraging reproducible work will allow everyone the opportunity to present their views. The keynote will address the role of journals and publishers in reproducible research.

You can register here:

It will be on the 1st of October 2015, and the venue for this conference will be at the Centre for Mathematical Sciences, in Cambridge UK.

You can find the poster and programme for the workshop here:

Hope to see you all there!!

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