Statistics for biologists – a Nature collection

The Nature journals have brought together a variety of useful pieces about statistics in biology. The content ranges from ‘Practical guides’ (with advice on  specific experimental approaches), ‘Statistics in biology’ (general comments and advice), ‘Points of Significance’  (explaining basic concepts in statistics applied to biology) and ‘Other Resources’ (a selection of resources related to statistics, plotting and data reporting).

Statistics for biologists – a free Nature collection

There is no disputing the importance of statistical analysis in biological research, but too often it is considered only after an experiment is completed, when it may be too late.

This collection highlights important statistical issues that biologists should be aware of and provides practical advice to help them improve the rigor of their work.

Nature MethodsPoints of Significance column on statistics explains many key statistical and experimental design concepts. Other resourcesinclude an online plotting tool and links to statistics guides from other publishers.

Image Credit: Erin DeWalt

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